29/10 Henrik Gad Quartet feat. Anna Lundqvist @ Trollhättan jazz och blues festival TBA

2/10 South og Sweden jazz orchestra m. Ida Sand TBA

1/10 South of Sweden jazz orchestra m. Ida Sand, Växjö TBA

2-6/8 Teacher/Musician @ Jazzkurs Vänersborg/Jazzfest (6/8 16.00)

11/6 Henrik Gad Quartet @ Unity jazz club, Gothenburg 20.00

4/5 Henrik Gad Quartet @ Öbacka jazz och blues klubb, Härnösand

2/5 Henrik Gad Quartet @ Sundsvall jazzklubb

18/3 Concert with Anna Christeroffersson @ Klubb Gösta, Vänersborgs Musikförening. 18.00

15/3 Henrik Gad/Calle Brickman/Cornelia Nilsson/Henrik Aronsson @ Playhouse, Nefertiti. Dexter Gordon tribute 20.00

29/1 Concert with Lars Janson @ Klubb Gösta, Vänersborgs Musikförning 18.00


18/12 Release for the new album “For You” with Henrik Gad Quartet on the Swedish record label “Imogena“.

26/11 Release concert for new album “For you” @ Vänersborgs musikförening 19.00



” – What a wonderful example is this recordning for modern music based on the greatbased on the great jazz tradition. Henrik’s masterful saxophone playing, a great selection of compositions with the burning rythm section make this CD very special. I personaly love the dynamic of the band and the way they handle melody and time. Young european musicians who perfectly apply the American jazz language and add their own culture to the music.”- Tony Lakatoz
“Henrik I’m listening to your recording session and I really excited!! You sound really great man, great sound and phrasing!! Great quartet!! Wow!!”- Max Ionata

Henrik Gad är en fantastisk musiker med musikalitet och teknisk kvalité i en grym kombo, vill höra mer!”

Henrik Gad har ett modernt spel som andas tradition, lysande!”